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In the current scenario, it is extremely important to have the best-in-class solutions in place that can bridge the communication gap and ensure effective audience outreach. Our mobile app for Play Schools is built keeping the same set of requirements in mind. The primary objective is to make the funny learning materials available to your kids on the go.

Our Play School app helps in increasing the thinking-ability among the kids and make them creative too. Now, learning the alphabets is a fun, calling out the numbers aloud is a part of their game, recognizing the colors in amazing forms is not less than an interesting activity for them. The user interface is very simple and it’s extremely easy to navigate as well. The counting exercises are as simple as building a sand castle.

Our mobile app is emerging as the fastest and powerful tool of learning for the preschoolers. Believe it or not but mobile education is a highly adopted growing trend which people are embracing with open arms all across the globe. It includes fun activities that are meant to draw the attention of even smallest of kids.

Some of the recent research surveys say that the use of mobile learning applications has grown immensely over the last few years. The mobile app for kids incorporate a wide range of attractive& interactive activities. These young learners are glued to small activities available in form of rhymes. The journey for becoming tech savvy begins from here and in fact it is the need of the hour as well.


Enables LIVE interaction in real-time with the target audience

Allows end-users to access recorded content (videos) per their availability

displays notifications regarding an update

Displays the To-Do list for each day (PDF format) or Course Material

Displays scheduled or upcoming events like a-z sound, color matching etc

Displays information around dues. 

Displays all events of a calendar year.

 Displays the report card in .pdf format

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